At Love, Cookie we know the smallest bites can turn a bad day better and a good day amazing.

All of our cookies are handmade from scratch in our family owned bakery in downtown New Orleans using recipes developed over four generations! Each of the 8 melt-in-your mouth Love, Cookie varieties are baked in small batches using the finest, freshest ingredients so that you can maximize your moments of indulgence. These cookies are so good you’ll be tempted to pass them off as homemade.

Our Team

It takes more than good ingredients and knowhow to make cookies this delicious. Our staff at Love, Cookie is dedicated to crafting the finest cookies available anywhere.

Greg Sorensen

Brand Manager

Colin Manikin

Operations Manager

Darryl Sorensen

Production Manager

Ariyana Carr

Cookie Packaging Coordinator

Natasha Singleton

Packaging Coordinator, Quality Control

Marcel Jackson

Mixing Department Supervisor, Quality Control

Nadia Cabrera

Packaging Coordinator

Darrell Davison

Oven Operator

Debra Porche

Cookie Former and Packager